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Solid Corrugated Steel Rack Decking
from DACS has many applications including:
• Record Storage
• Carpet & Fabric Storage
• Palletized Loads
• Heavy Duty Die Storage
• Vertical/Horizontal Smoke & Fire Baffle

DACS solid rack deck sits flush with the top surface of the pallet rack beam, creating a smooth flat surface for product to easily slide on and off. Sizes are available to fit any standard rack. It is also used attached to the floor for elevated bottom-level storage.

Corrugated steel decking is stronger than wood and less expensive than both wood and wire. It provides a seamless, solid support from the front all the way to the back of the rack bay for even the longest stored items.

DACS solid rack decking is perfect for use in cantilever rack as well. It is often used to provide a stacking surface between the cantilever arms for storage of everything from lumber to furniture to fabric.

Solid rack decking is available with a plain stainless, galvanized or painted finish.